Our Vision

We help women who are in spaces of life transition and uncertainty to break through fears, mental blocks and setbacks and build a Kingdom Mindset of Faith.

We provide the community and tools necessary to help you practically apply these strategies to your life in order to live a life that is truly transformed.




The Key To Your

Daily Mindset Renewal!

1. Create a routine that will renew your mindset daily and bring high impact transformation to your life!
2. Thrive with peace and clarity in all circumstances by understanding the key components of your mindset. 
3. Make faith your key strategy!

Let's help you...


Hey, I'm Maija!

Certified Mindset Coach & Faith Mentor


I am passionate about growing through my relationship with God, and use that as the foundation to empower other women to shift their mindsets in order to live a life that is truly transformed.


I believe that we are constantly being transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2)


In 2018, I had the idea to start the podcast with a revelation that “everything starts and ends with mindset”. However, despite my enthusiasm, I was not able to do so because of the limiting beliefs that I faced at the time. I was in a toxic relationship, had a high level of self doubt, cared too much about the opinions of others as well as many other obstacles.


I began to tackle these obstacles day-by-day to overcome them, and through faith I have been able to do so! I did not only come out surviving, but I began to THRIVE. I went from being a victim to being a VICTOR! I believe I can help you to overcome your obstacles and build a mindset on solid foundation and THRIVE through our podcast, mindset tools and coaching services.


In January 2020, I was able to break through my mental blocks and launch Modify By Mindset. We have helped so many women already and are committed to helping you too.


Through my transparency and willingness to be open about the various aspects of this journey, I hope to help many more women to realize their own potential through the power of shifting their mindset, increasing their faith and taking action.  


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Our vision is to help women in spaces of transition and uncertainty to break through mental blocks, overcome fear, take action and continue to build a strong foundation on faith! 


We focus on creating mindset shifts and breakthroughs as well as teaching how to practically apply them to our lives in order to live a life that is truly transformed.

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