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The purpose of the Modify By Mindset Community is to build genuine connections with other women who have similar mindset goals. Through action steps, goal setting, creating healthier habits we will truly be transformed from the inside out. 

What  You Can Expect

  • Connect with a network of like-minded women via our Modify By Mindset Community group chat 

  • Exclusive first-look at podcast episodes, free resources, events and more!

  • Join each other on our journey to build a strong foundation on faith! 

  • Mindset tips & daily exercises 


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Our vision is to help women in spaces of transition and uncertainty to break through mental blocks, overcome fear, take action and continue to build a strong foundation on faith! 


We focus on creating mindset shifts and breakthroughs as well as teaching how to practically apply them to our lives in order to live a life that is truly transformed.

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