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12-Week 1:1 Coaching Program


  • (12) 1:1 Success Calls / month (recorded & emailed to you)

  • 3 "break weeks"

  • Personalized Mindset & Success Plan

  • Mid-week check-ins from Maija

  • 24/7 text support

  • Bonus: worksheets, workbooks, journal prompts & tools to help you on your journey

4-Week 1:1 Coaching


  • 4 sessions total (1 each week)

  • Personalized Mindset & Success Plan

  • 1 "break week"

  • Mid-week check-ins from Maija

  • 24/7 text support

  • Bonus: worksheets, workbooks, journal prompts & tools to help you on your journey



Hungry for growth & change in your life?

Questions? Check out our FAQs

Single-Session 1:1 Coaching ($65/hr)

  • One (1hr) coaching session with Maija

  • Personalized Mindset & Success steps (will be delivered via email once our call is completed)

  • Mid-week check-in from Maija

  • Worksheets to help you on your journey

If you’d like something sooner than her schedule allows, that would be considered a VIP session and is $85/hr. Please send an email to Maija@modbym.com to book a VIP session.

As your Mindset Coach, I will work one-on-one with you, your mindset and habits to:

  • Gain clarity in your direction, purpose & goals
  • Identify and breakthrough your limiting beliefs, fears and mental blocks
  • Design a life you’d love to wake up to everyday  & dream of living
  • Strengthen your mindset, habits and other aspects of your daily life
  • Plan & Strategize to reach your goals 
  • Align with your God-Given purpose

You're ready for coaching if you:

  • Want more out of life
  • Want to overcome fears and limiting beliefs and/or make a plan for your future with confidence
  • Are hungry for growth and change in your life and personal development
  • Want clarity about your God-Given purpose and how to walk in purpose with confidence
  • Want vision & strategy for your goals, ambitions and future
  • Need an accountability partner & cheerleader for your success
  • Want to overcome self-sabotage, procrastination and living an unfulfilled life


What is mindset coaching, exactly?

Coaching is like having an unbiased motivational friend. A coach is an accountability partner who listens to what you’re going through, asks great questions, helps you formulate a plan, and then holds you accountable along the way.

What is a discovery call?

We offer a 30-minute discovery call before working together so you can ask questions and gain more clarity about what our coaching programs consist of. Due to the close-knit nature of coaching, this is ideal for us to make sure that working 1:1 together will be a great fit! 

How many sessions do you recommend?

I recommend you start with 4 sessions, and then you can decide from there if you’d like to continue, but if 4 sessions isn’t affordable, you can pay one-by-one.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds because when you book a session you’ve taken the spot from someone else. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans.


Do you have a questionnaire I fill out before the session?

Yes, we have a questionnaire upon starting our coaching journey together


Can I book a joint session with another friend or family member?

We recommend that you have an individual session to get the most out of your coaching experience.


Do you do video sessions?

Normally I don’t, but if you’d like me to, there is an additional charge due to video sessions being more taxing on the body and eyes from staring at the screen for an hour straight.