The Marathon: Embarking on my "Journey to Self-Love"

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Before consciously starting this journey in 2017, I created a table (see below) of all of the aspects I felt like I needed to know myself more. I created it for several reasons, the main one being to organize the chaos that was swirling around in my mind at the time. Despite how embarrassing this list is to share with some of you who I may or may not know, I feel compelled to be as honest and as authentic as possible in expressing this process. The 2020 version of this list has since changed from its original copy from May of 2017, for obvious reasons, but this was where this process & my step toward the "Journey to Self-Love" really started.

In a way, all of these questions dove into who I felt I was at the time. I said to myself that if I can truly answer these questions, bring all the positivity and negativity in my life to light, I can move past the hurt, past the insecurities and work to overcome them. Sometimes the hardest part about starting is being completely honest with ourselves.

I believe I have potential and I believe everyone else is capable of seeing their true potential as well. More importantly, I know that every person who is capable of seeing their potential is just as capable of reaching it. For us to reach our full potential, we have to know our strengths and have confidence in our abilities to use them.

My goal in creating this table was to begin to put together a puzzle that I'd been struggling to find the pieces to at that time. Fast forward to three years later, I am still figuring out the complete picture that each pit has fit in to create. The difference now is that I am no longer struggling to find the pieces, I am now enjoying the process of them coming together as they are meant to.

As well as knowing our strengths, I think it’s equally important to be aware of our weaknesses. I see this as a positive aspect and the most challenging part about the journey to self-love. The best part about having weaknesses is that they are there for us to learn from, and there are always opportunities to strengthen them.

One note about identifying your weaknesses that I have been guilty of, even in creating that table, is identifying what I know now to be unique qualities as "weaknesses" instead. What sets you apart from others should never be considered a weakness.

I have personally learned that the key is to take a step back, put my ego aside and take responsibility for myself. To be completely transparent, this aspect is still a work in progress for me. There are times when I have once been the toxic person in a situation, and I was my own worst enemy. But what helped is being completely honest with myself, putting pride aside and understanding that I am not perfect and I can't be expected to be perfect. On the journey to self-love, there is just as much ugliness as there is beauty. The real beauty lies in the process of transformation.

Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey. As I continue on this lifelong journey to self-love, one of the most important tools I have is gratitude and appreciation for just being able to begin and share this journey with all of you! I encourage you to join the community, support and share this journey with your close friends and loved ones. When one of us is elevated, we are all elevated.

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