The Total Mindset Guided Workbook is specifically designed to guide you through the process of building a Total Mindset foundation from where you are. This guided workbook offers insight, mental exercises, journal prompts and a guided personalized plan to establish healthier mindset habits moving forward.


Use this guide as many times as you need it and incorporate it into your self-care routine. As you work through the prompts and exercises, keep the ultimate goal in mind: to be renewed daily through your mindset.

Total Mindset Guided Workbook (DIGITAL ONLY)

  • 25 Pages Include:

    • total mindset guide
    • interactive exercises
    • journal prompts
    • journaling pages
    • personalized daily mindset renewal plan

Our vision is to help women in spaces of transition and uncertainty to break through mental blocks, overcome fear, take action and continue to build a strong foundation on faith! 


We focus on creating mindset shifts and breakthroughs as well as teaching how to practically apply them to our lives in order to live a life that is truly transformed.

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